All About Bob

Hi, I’m Bob Hayes Jr.  I am a writer, editor, technology geek, and entrepreneur. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A little bit about my background and life story:

I attended Oberlin College and the Evergreen State College, studying history and computer science, but mainly I was just fooling around. After dropping out of both those institutions, I spent a decade at Microsoft, where I was a software design engineer and a software test engineer. As a software test engineer, I helped launch the landmark Microsoft SQL Server 4.21 release, was loaned to Dreamworks SKG for a summer to teach their nascent software development team the art of a smooth product release, and was instrumental in the death of Microsoft Bob. I eventually followed the muses to the mountains of Colorado, continuing as a software guy at Optika (long since absorbed into Oracle) and Quark.

When the dot-com crash came, I decided to take a professional breather and get my degree. I enrolled at the University of Colorado and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Business Administration. (Summa cum laude is Latin for “was paying his own bill this time and so did all the reading”.)  I branched out into news blogging, and founded Blogger News Network, one of the first major citizen journalism websites.

Since getting my degree in 2004, my professional energy has largely been spent on managing ghostwriting projects for Web-oriented clients large and small. I developed a team of writers and editors and deployed them on major content projects, including the creation of most of the written material at and most of the catalog copy at auto parts giant PartsGeek. The jobs I enjoyed the most, however, always centered around helping entrepreneurs and service professionals to develop an online presence, via websites, e-mail marketing, social media, etc.

In the period from 2010 to 2014 I made a series of really bad decisions which culminated in me deciding to rob banks in Denver and Colorado Springs. I was caught, of course, and spent a little more than a year in jail and prison. I was released to a halfway house in April of 2015 and have lived there since then, working my way steadily towards parole. I deeply regret the harm I caused, most especially to the tellers at the banks I robbed, and am working to make amends for those wrongful actions.

You can view my complete LinkedIn profile here.


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