My Portfolio & Links

I wrote my book “Stay Out of Prison: A Practical Guide to Avoiding Incarceration” (available in print and e-book formats) while incarcerated. It was a learning experience, and I hope to share what I learned and help other people stay out of the penal system.

I edited Jason Alexander Greenwood’s Kindle Book Award semi-finalist “Pilate’s Ghost” (available here) and the future award-winning “Pilate’s 7” (available here).

I co-authored “Make Your Business Thrive: The Ultimate Guide for Solo Practitioners” (available in print) with Wanda Loskot.

I founded the blogging news site Blogger News Network, now under the capable ownership of Simon and Jan Barrett. The site still uses my basic design.

Most of the asbestos and mesothelioma content at and most of the auto parts catalog copy at PartsGeek was either written by me, or by writers working under my editorial direction.

My LinkedIn page has more detailed information on my background, skillset and experience.