Reviews & Testimonials

A number of my clients and co-workers have been kind enough to endorse me in one fashion or another.

“Robert is a superb editor. He got us over the hump on many sticky issues/parts of an extensive training manual. Moreover, he organized the content in a way that is far easier for the reader to grasp. He’s delightful to work with and highly flexible to boot. I’d hire Robert again in a heart beat.”

Nalini Indorf Kaplan, Director, Enterprise CRM at University of Colorado

“Robert edited my third mystery/thriller novel, “Pilate’s Ghost” (2012 Caroline Street Press). It has been positively reviewed by many readers (formally and informally), with the most consistent comment being it is my best-written book to date. I credit Robert with his creative contributions, professionalism and encouragement. “Pilate’s Ghost” was just named a semi-finalist for Best Mystery/Thriller by the 2013 Kindle Book Review Awards. I think that–and the fact I will hire him for my next book–speaks volumes for the quality of Robert’s work.”

Alexander Greenwood, Image Builder, PR Vet, Social Media Strategist, Content Marketer, Speaker, Trainer, Business Development Pro and Writer

“In my opinion, Robert’s greatest attribute is his consistency. He delivers a quality service you can count on, every time. This in itself is priceless. I highly recommend Robert, without any hesitation, for all your copywriting needs.”

Wilhelm Helmbold, Webmaster

“Robert is a very efficient managing editor and skilled copywriter, and exhibits true professionalism within his field.”

– Cori Padgett-Bukowski, Freelance Copywriter, Writer

“Great manager and writer, editor and individual with strong motivations to make things happen.”

– Hugh J. McNichol IV, Journalist, Author, Public Speaker

“Robert is a highly effective Editor-in-Chief who offered guidance on a variety of copywriting projects from website content to ebooks to promotional materials. He offered constructive feedback and maintained clarity in assignments. Robert was a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend him to anyone looking for copywriting services.”

Brenda Stokes Barron, Contributor at Brandxten, The Motley Fool, and Intuit Small Business Blog

“Robert is an excellent writer, editor and consultant. He has been instrumental in providing information on writing and editing copy, entrepreneurship and business ethic. His work is exemplary and professional.”

JoAnn Partee, Writing and Graphic Design Professional

“Robert possesses the copywriting skills of a pro. A professional demeanor, sound knowledge of online marketing, and an instinct for what works on the individual website are qualities I see every time I work with Robert. He’s also able to write on any subject, a valuable asset in today’s rapidly growing project-based business model. I’ve worked with Robert Hayes for over three years and the quality of his website copywriting, articles, blog entries, and other written materials exceed just about anything I’ve encountered on the Web. Robert is easy to work with and always responsive, getting to the heart of the issue and willing to go far and beyond the client’s expectations. I would recommend him for any kind of online copywriting project.”

Andrew Kirmayer, Freelance Writer