What I Will Do For You

I have an extremely wide variety of professional technology skills.

Partially this is the result of being young during a unique time in the computer industry. Starting at age 10, I spent two decades as a technology fanboy, absorbing every new technology in real time. (I picked up a few old techologies, too; I am one of the youngest people you will ever meet who was trained in how to properly punch a punchcard for the old IBM mainframes.)

Partially it is because I love to learn new tools and new techniques, and so whenever a client came along who needed something new, I was eager to jump in and master the tools that they wanted to see used. I still am.

Layered on top of that is a management education based on an understanding of organizational principles and how business entities, from a one-person consulting firm to a huge factory floor, get things accomplished. Because my technical knowledge base is so wide, I am very often able to see why a firm is using the technology tools that they are – why they started using that particular tool, why they kept using it, why they use it today – and whether or not they should change.

There is one universal truth about businesses, large or small, however, something that applies equally to the gentleman selling buckets of worms at the end of a country road, or to the mega-corporate conglomerate selling worms by the truckload in every port on the globe. That truth is this:

Businesses need to have an online presence where existing customers can get information and prospective customers can explore what the business has to offer.

The needs of each business are unique; the country-road worm wrangler needs a very different web strategy than does WormCo, Inc.  I am uniquely equipped to listen to you talk about your business, to understand what it is that your business is and is not getting from its current online approach, and to help you to either start or re-start your online presence in a way that will be effective for YOUR needs.

I am not an SEO marketing firm out to get a permanent contract for moving keywords around on your site, or a business consultant who wants to give you vague advice and charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege. I am a competent website designer, web application developer, and systems analyst, and those skills will be put to work on your behalf, but that is not my primary focus. At heart, I am a writer, and I will help you find the words that explain your product or service or idea to the people you are trying to reach.

For large firms who are looking for a major site redesign, I am delighted to consult with you (at a modest rate) and give you my guidance, insight and feedback on what your current efforts lack and what your future efforts should focus on, but I am a one-man shop and not equipped to develop your mega-site. I will be happy to be part of the team, even a very important part, but it is not something I can do by myself and I won’t pretend that I can.

For small firms, I offer a much more hands-on and involved approach. I will discuss your site needs with you, and then I will develop a website for you. I most commonly recommend WordPress as a platform because it is reliable, easy to learn, incredibly flexible, and (with proper care and design) scalable to practically any size – but I ALWAYS fit my recommendations to what you need, not to what I want to do.

I charge by the hour, and I can give you a solid estimate in advance of how many hours a project will take. It is quite possible to get a complete website in one day, if you are able to clearly articulate your needs, your business or service is relatively simple, and you or someone at your company has basic technical skills to seamlessly take over the administration of your site.

So – let’s talk about your enterprise and what I can do for you to get it online. Drop me an e-mail at robh@psaico.com (preferred) or give me a text/call at 719-639-0416. You’ll be glad you did.


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